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"Y me sacó esta foto..."/“And he took this picture of me...”

Dad was hospitalized a few days ago. It's very bad they tell me.

I travel to Buenos Aires to be with him. Maybe it's the last time.

He sleeps, wakes up, recognizes me. For a few moments I also recognize him. After he gets lost, he falls asleep.

Days go by. He's more awake, but he's not him anymore. He comes back for a second when he sees me. He wants to talk to me, but the words are lost.

I try to hold him here. It is difficult without words.

I think of his hands. He always worked with his hands.

I have my camera with me. I give it to him. He touches her, manipulates her, likes her.

"Is this mine?" ... he asks me.

And he takes this picture of me.

Afterwards, the camera gets lost in his hands, perhaps in the same corner where the words remained.

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